TASIS Portugal Summer Programs

We are passionate about encouraging and inspiring our students through out their time at TASIS Portugal, so we are looking at giving them the opportunity to enjoy excellent education, activities and new experiences over the summer! We are gathering ideas and looking to offer a wide array of summer activities spanning any interest level. 

What makes TASIS Portugal special is our new sense of community and family atmosphere. "Everyone is new" and as activities, sports and time are shared, we expect many friendships to be made!

The safety, welfare and well-being of your children will remain our prime concern at all times. Utilizing our space to make sure our summer doesn't get lost in the fold of busyness, Middle School Coordinator Bill Brooks will be our Summer Programs Coordinator and is excited, along with our other staff, to make this summer a memorable experience!

Bill Brooks - Summer Programs Coordinator

More information for our Summer Programs will be available soon. If you are interested in working here this summer, please Click Here!