Building Pride, Stylishly.

Our founder, Mrs. Fleming, believed in beauty and goodness as core values. We have adopted those same themes in selecting our school uniforms. We partnered with trotinete, the largest uniform manufacturer in Portugal, to design and produce our beautiful and functional school attire.

We selected a variety of both sporty and more formal looks, crafted from the finest (machine washable) fabrics. We had a hand in designing each piece, including the addition of our school crest on the buttons!

Fittingly, our middle school students have more options and more mature pieces. We believe our students should look sharp, but not identical. The (newly renovated!) school store will reopen for business in August for fitting and purchases.

Questions? Please contact Bela Martins at shop@tasisportugal.org for all uniform requests or place an order on the parent portal. 

Our Runway Show