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Building a Community of Friends: 
1st Grade at Circo na Floresta

We realize that students are eager and anxious starting the new school year, so we have curated a very special program that capitalizes on many signature elements of the TASIS Portugal program while also providing a celebratory atmosphere.   

In line with TASIS values, we are committed to building community during this unique week. Supporting students to deepen their relationships with themselves, with other people, and with the natural world. Activities include exploration games, map skills, building shelters and dens, storytelling, mindfulness, music, drama, creating works of art with natural elements, and many other challenges.  

Through this experience, we will create a secure foundation from which learning can flourish. We’ll ensure our students feel safe and supported by their classroom community and develop socio-emotional skills such as adaptability, self-regulation, communication, creative thinking, resilience, and problem solving.  

Our two classes of 1st Grade students will be given the time and space to build a class community in a beautiful setting at Circo na Floresta. The end of the week will be marked by a fun outing to Lisbon featuring a special HIPPOTrip Tour and visit to the Science and Technology Museum.

Friday Fun for 1st Grade: HIPPOTrip 

After 4 days of bonding and growing together, Grade 1 students will get to ride on an amphibious vehicle while they explore Portugal capital by land and river. Besides being a playful and fun outing, the HIPPOTrip tour also shares information about Portuguese history and influence. Note: on this day, pickup at TASIS Portugal is at 17:00.

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