Pedro Baião
Piano Instructor

Embark on a musical journey with Pedro Baião, a versatile musician hailing from Lisbon, Portugal. Pedro's passion for music ignited at the age of 6 when he took his first piano lessons. With a solid foundation in classical music, he pursued an undergraduate degree in classical music from Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (2009-2012) and further honed his skills with a Master's Degree in Jazz from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (2016-2018) in Cardiff, Wales.

Pedro's expertise spans a diverse range of musical genres, making him not only a skilled pianist but also a proficient composer and arranger. Beyond his musical pursuits, Pedro's dedication extends to sharing his knowledge as an educator. His role as a teacher allows him to guide aspiring musicians of all levels, passing on his technical proficiency and love for music.

Manuel Morais
Piano Instructor

Meet Manuel Morais, a versatile concert pianist with a musical background that bridges Classical, Pop, Rock, and Jazz. An award-winning musician with accolades from prestigious national and international competitions including Concurso Internacional Santa Cecília and Concurso Internacional do Fundão, Manuel earned his undergraduate degree at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. His passion for teaching transcends age and music style, making him a beloved educator who nurtures the musical potential in every student.

Ciro Lee
Drums Instructor

Dive into the rhythmic world with Ciro Lee, a dedicated musician whose musical journey began at the age of eight. His expertise lies in drumming, with training under prominent drummers like Miguel Marques, Joel Silva, and Bruno Pedroso. Ciro earned his Bachelor's Degree in Jazz (Drums) from ESML (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa) in 2017. As a skilled performer and instructor, Ciro imparts his musical wisdom in drums, bass, and piano since 2011. Join his rhythm-filled journey as you explore the world of music together.

Beatriz Pessoa
Voice Instructor

Introducing Beatriz Pessoa, a singer, songwriter, and music teacher who ventured into her musical career at the Hot Clube de Portugal school. Graduating in Jazz with a vocal focus from ESML (Lisbon School of Music), Beatriz's journey began at the age of 20 with her original songs. Her musical expertise is matched by her teaching prowess, as she imparts her knowledge at various schools. A promising voice in the Portuguese artistic scene, Beatriz's melodies reverberate across national and international stages, leaving an indelible mark.

Ricardo Marques
Bass & Guitar Instructor

Step into the rhythm with Ricardo Marques, a bassist whose journey began at the age of 12. Ricardo pursued a degree in Jazz at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (ESML). He's shared the stage with renowned artists like Carolina Deslandes, Luísa Sobral, and Cláudia Pascoal, showcasing his versatile musicality. With a blend of experience, skill, and passion, Ricardo offers an enriching musical journey for students aiming to groove to the rhythm of life.


Alex Bugio
Guitar Instructor

Meet Alex Bugio, a seasoned musician whose journey spans over 16 years of rich musical experiences. As a multi-instrumentalist excelling in Singing, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass, and more, Alex's musical portfolio is a testament to his proficiency. Collaborating with a spectrum of artists, Alex's journey includes performances, recording projects, and private instruction across various countries. Dive into a melodious world guided by Alex's passion and expertise.


Inês Sousa
Voice Instructor

Enter the world of music with Inês Sousa, a versatile artist with a voice that captivates hearts. From recording duets at a young age to lending her voice to choruses for distinguished projects, Inês's journey has been a melody of artistic expression. Graduating from the prestigious Hot Club Jazz Portugal and Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Inês's skills as a singer and actress are undeniable.

In various musical endeavors, Inês graced notable bands and is now a part of the enchanting group "Gato Pintor." As a performer in captivating experiences like "Mais Alto!" designed for young audiences, Inês crafts musical moments that resonate deeply. Sharing her musical expertise since 2010, she imparts her passion through vocal lessons at esteemed institutions, contributing to the growth of aspiring musicians.

Laura Amador
Cello Instructor

Laura grew up in a musical family and started learning piano with her mother. Aged 9, she decided to branch out to 'Cello and quickly took to the instrument. In her teen years, Laura rose to become Principal 'Cello of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, leading the cello section in live television broadcasts at the BBC Proms, as well as performances in major concert venues around the UK. Laura studied 'Cello at the Royal Academy of Music with David Strange, on full music scholarship from the Elton John Award, where she also took second study piano with Marc Racz. 

She has over 10 years experience in piano and cello teaching alongside her classroom teacher profession at TASIS. She is experienced in preparing students for ABRSM instrumental examinations, as well as Music Theory. Her lessons are structured with a focus on technique, repertoire, scales, sight reading and aural skills. 


Thomas West
Saxophone & Clarinet Instructor

Tom began playing the clarinet and saxophone as a teenager, participating in numerous local Big Bands and orchestras. At the age of 14, he won the award for outstanding soloist in the Royal Northern College of Music Big Band competition. His lessons are engaging, with a focus on jazz improvisation.

Tom studied Jazz Double Bass at the Royal Academy of Music and has performed at various venues across the UK, including Ronnie Scott's and the Jazz Café. Additionally, he gained orchestral experience by playing in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. With over 15 years of teaching experience, Tom is excited to share his passion for music with TASIS Portugal students.

Natália López
Violin Instructor

Natália is a Chilean professional violinist, born to a family of musicians. She entered the world of music from an early age and her interest was sparked, leading to her passion, the violin. She carefully watched her father, a violinist, teach using methods that she would use herself to teach young musicians.

She obtained a Bachelor of Music in violin performance from the Federal University of Paraíba in Brazil and her Master's Degree in music in violin performance from the Eastman School of Music, US. She worked as assistant chief in second violins for the Chilean National Symphony Orchestra for 20 years, teaching in private schools and municipalities in Chile to students from 5 years old.

Ms. López has created programs to teach violin in places where it did not exist, finding satisfaction in teaching and developing skills as a violin teacher and knowing the importance of music in the personal and social development of each student.


Joana Rodrigues
Voice & Piano Instructor

Joana is a passionate pianist and vocalist with a diverse background in music education and performance. Originally from Portugal, she completed the Professional Jazz Instrumentalist Course at the Coimbra Conservatory of Music in 2016, followed by a Degree in Music with a jazz specialization at the Lisbon Superior School of Music in 2020. Eager to deepen her understanding of music, she enrolled in the Master Performance program at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, Netherlands. Upon returning to Portugal, Joana pursued her interest in music education by enrolling in the teaching master program at the Lisbon Superior School of Music, where she is completing her degree.

Throughout her career, Joana has been actively engaged in music performance, participating in various festivals and events across Portugal and internationally. Notable achievements include winning the Best Voice prize at Escolíadas in Portugal in 2014, representing the Coimbra conservatory at the Csiperó Festival in Hungary in 2015, and receiving the Best Ensemble and Best Voice prizes at the S.Luiz Festival in Lisbon in 2016.

Joana's dedication to music extends beyond performance to teaching. She has been sharing her expertise with students of all ages since 2016. From her experience, she understands the importance of adapting lessons to each student's interests and fostering a supportive learning environment. Committed to helping her students realize their musical potential and cultivate a lifelong passion for music.