Ann Jiao
Mandarin Instructor

Ms. Jiao has worked and lived in different regions of China for many years and has a good understanding of the culture and language of different parts of China. She has worked as an editor for several years and is proficient in the standard use of Mandarin. Jiao has a Master's Degree in developmental and educational psychology from Beijing Normal University, which makes her better at understanding and exploring students' needs and motivations, teaching from the perspective of their cognitive preferences to facilitate students' understanding and mastery. In recent years, she has also been teaching in Chinese institutions in Lisbon and has won the love of children with her relaxed, funny, and warm style.

Irena Curto
Russian Instructor

Russian by birth and Portuguese after marriage, Irina teaches Russian language, literature, and culture. Irina has a Master’s in Linguistics and Translation from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal) and Moscow State Linguistic University (Moscow, Russian Federation) and regularly works with Pushkin State Russian Language Institute and Zlatoust Language School, which specializes in teaching Russian to international students. Irina is an artist and a member of the International Art Foundation & Moscow Art Society. She has curated and held various exhibitions internationally and collaborates with the Russian Art magazine and various Portuguese museums housing Russian art collections. Due to a lengthy residence in many countries including Russia, Iran, India, Mexico, Austria, and Portugal, Irina has a vast knowledge of various cultures, embodied in her work.


Susana Perez
Spanish Instructor

Susana Perez is an experienced teacher hailing from Spain, boasting a rich teaching history spanning two decades. She brings a diverse skill set that encompasses music, special needs education, and the art of teaching Spanish to both native speakers and foreign learners. Over the past six years, Susana has had the privilege of living in Portugal, affording her the unique opportunity to engage with her students in person or through online lessons. At the core of Susana's teaching philosophy lies a commitment to a fresh educational vision. She firmly believes that language serves as a powerful tool for promoting inclusivity, breaking down communication barriers that may exist among colleagues from different backgrounds. Through this approach, she seeks to cultivate empathy and lay the foundation for a brighter future for the learners she instructs. Susana is renowned for her adaptability, tailoring her teaching methods to align with each student's individual learning pace. She leverages an array of resources to bolster the oral language skills of her foreign students and employs a dynamic, normative approach when teaching native speakers.

Camille Adam
French Instructor

Camille holds a Master's Degree in Linguistics and Literature in French and Spanish. She also holds a degree in Specific Teacher Training in Languages from the distinguished KU Leuven in Belgium. Camille's impressive background includes five years of experience as a French teacher at the Language Institute of the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium. There, she did an outstanding job at teaching economic, legal, and medical French, as well as French in the Master of Business Communication program. Camille also has experience in translation, having successfully completed translations from English and Dutch to French during her time at university.


Christine Ratzke de Figueriredo
German Instructor

Introducing Christine Ratzke de Figueriredo, our esteemed German language instructor at TASIS Portugal. Born in Northern Germany, she’s cultivated a lifelong bond with nature that shapes her teaching approach. With a degree in Sports & Arts teaching and international experiences in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, Christine embodies adaptability and a knack for connecting with diverse individuals. As a devoted mother of three, she seamlessly intertwines her passions for sports, nature, and creativity with family life. Her extensive experience in international schools and entrepreneurial ventures reflects her deep respect for diverse cultures. In her role, Christine inspires students to embrace diversity, learn passionately, and uncover the beauty of the German language and culture. Explore new horizons with her, where every word is a gateway to discovery.