Regaleira House (Dragons): 

Known for its fire and flight, the dragon possesses the ability to defend Regaleira House on land and in the sky. Dragons are known for their courage and strength, and for helping the defenseless. 

Pena House (Kraken):

Pena House benefits from the Kraken as the keeper of knowledge and seeker of truth. The enormous Kraken can manage multiple tasks and fight numerous foes. The Kraken draws its strength from the sea.

Monserrate House (Griffin):

Known for its unity and leadership, the Monserrate Griffin, born of a lion and an eagle, is known for its compassion and leadership. The House benefits from the Griffin’s ability to protect it from evil.

Mouros House (Pegasus): 

Known for its risk taking and speed. Mouros House draws strength from the hooves of the Pegasus, capable of creating thunderbolts! The House benefits from the Pegasus’ agility on land and in the sky.