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The Healthy Choice: Our Food Service Provider

We know how important food is to growing bodies and brains. After an exhaustive search for a premier food provider for the school, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Thomas Franks of Oxfordshire, England. 

Serving over 28,000 students daily, Thomas Franks is a high quality food service provider that hires local chefs to produce meals on site, sourcing the ingredients from local farmers and family businesses. 

Thomas Franks


They will offer clean and nutritious meals to appeal to every taste – omnivores, pescatarians, and vegetarian and vegan options. In addition, they source from organic and sustainable growers wherever possible.  

Thomas Franks recommends that younger children have their own menu, which is tailored to their nutritional needs.

They often set up a tasting table when the pupils first enter the dining hall to ensure the children can try small pots of new cuisine. This is a fun way to ensure that children have an opportunity to experiment with new tastes and flavors.

TASIS Portugal subscribes to the motto, “healthy body, healthy mind."  Our daily schedule includes daily physical education, lots of athletic clubs, opportunities for free play, and to fuel those active bodies, the very best food service we can offer (with those healthy meals included in your tuition, of course).

To learn more about Thomas Franks and their operations, visit their website.

Sample Menus

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