Extracurricular Activities

The TASIS extracurricular program has something to interest every child, from the cerebral to the physical. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of programming and encourage children to do what they already love while exploring options they may not have considered.

All TASIS-based extracurricular programs are included in tuition, so whether your child loves forestry or football, there is no extra fee. (A few things, like horseback riding and private lessons, do incur an additional fee.)

Our after-school offerings complement our robust academic, social/emotional, and physical health programming. Children can enhance their experience of signature parts of the TASIS curriculum with coding, robotics, chess, yoga, and violin; explore an array of creative offerings like art and dance; and partake in healthy competition and physical activity through athletics.

Our goals for this program are to embrace different interests, skills, and abilities; provide an opportunity for exploration; and add enjoyment and social time to the school day.

Most of our extracurricular activities are led by teachers, which is a requirement for TASIS faculty. For students, the opportunity to interact with faculty outside of the classroom is a powerful way to build strong relationships, especially around areas of shared interest. For our faculty, it is a chance to see students in a unique light and share their hobbies and activities.

We are working with an extensive list of proposed activities (attached). We will match these ideas with our faculty’s talents, then share the results with our families to gauge interest. Keep in mind as you view this list that while we are working to provide the most varied and robust program possible, we are a small school and cannot accommodate every student interest. Rest assured that we will seek the children’s input and do our best to offer the clubs, sports, and activities they most desire.

Proposed Extracurricular Activities