The oldest American boarding school in Europe, TASIS was founded in 1956 by Mrs. M. Crist Fleming, a well known and highly esteemed leader in international education. All TASIS schools and programs are based on Mrs. Fleming’s educational principles, which are symbolized in the TASIS Crest.

The Tower

The Tower stands for culture (humanitas). The campuses of the TASIS Schools and Summer Programs, all located in beautiful, historic settings, are a constant reminder of the beauty of nature. The campus buildings, with their graceful, humane proportions, help students to value culture and beauty in their own lives. In addition, TASIS makes travel an integral feature of the programs, giving students the chance to experience first-hand some of Europe’s most sublime and memorable achievements.

The Lamp

The Lamp symbolizes wisdom (sapientia), and at TASIS this means learning to strive for ideals. All TASIS programs emphasize sports and arts and take advantage of their European cultural settings to teach students the importance of developing high standards and worthwhile interests. Wisdom is seen as the result not only of reading books and browsing the Internet, but also of sacrificing short-term pleasures for long-term goals; it’s something just as much of the heart as of the mind.

The Sun

The Sun represents truth (veritas), which implies both honesty and integrity. The structure and standards of behavior at TASIS are designed to promote students’ personal integrity and moral development. Truth builds trust, and when young people from different countries and backgrounds get to know each other in an atmosphere of loyalty and trust, as they do at TASIS, prejudices are broken down, lasting friendships are made, and a vibrant and caring community is created.

The Book

The Book represents knowledge (scientia). While providing a balanced American-style curriculum and fostering an environment where high academic achievement is valued, TASIS also supports individual students through small classes and dedicated teachers. Through the breadth and depth of its courses, and the commitment of its faculty, TASIS encourages all of its students to honor knowledge and become lifelong learners.