Become a Teacher at TASIS Portugal

Considerations Before Applying

We welcome your interest in becoming a TASIS Portugal teacher! However, PLEASE DO NOT TREAT THIS AS A ROUTINE JOB APPLICATION; Apply only after carefully considering the following:

No candidate should apply who is not willing and able

  • To support unreservedly the aims and philosophy of the school as stated in the TASIS Mission and Paideia Statements;
  • To take direction from the school's leaders;
  • To accept that the school exists for the benefit and growth of its students, whose needs come first;
  • To model the highest standards of moral and professional conduct both at work and in the local community;
  • To accept that work will sometimes require unusual hours, travel with students or to other TASIS schools, and an extended work commitment as long as school is in session;
  • To share their practices and be a contributing member of TASIS’ professional learning communities.

Successful candidates will

  • Be fairly compensated for their work;
  • Be committed to their own professional growth and receive regular professional growth opportunities within the school day;
  • Be held accountable, rewarded for outstanding work, and receive annual written performance appraisals;
  • Join a team of united, collegial, and supportive professionals.