Building Together

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

It Takes a Community!

Three years ago, TASIS Portugal was an idea. You helped us make it a reality. Three years from now TASIS Portugal will be the best school in the country.

To that end, a group of parents and staff joined members of the TASIS Portugal administration and Board of Directors to define the steps needed to arrive at our destination. Five planning committees labored for months to define the goals, objectives, and action items. The following pages provide an overview of this plan -- the TASIS Portugal roadmap to excellence. 

We named the strategic plan “Building Together” to represent the partnership we have with our parents and to highlight the actual “building” required to move our programming and physical plant forward. It is our firm belief that together we will build the school where your children will continue to thrive.

Most sincerely,

Keith Chicquen

Keith Chicquen


Goal 1

Academic Excellence and Professional Development


To become a world-class PK-12 international school as determined by objective measures of student learning.

  • Hire, develop, and retain the best teachers in the world
  • Determine the categories of academic excellence against which TASIS Portugal will measure progress and the associated metrics and goals for each by grade level
  • Create opportunities for students to identify and develop their interests
  • Thoroughly define the academic program we offer from preschool through 12th grade

Chair: Erica Herro

Chair Erica Herro, Assistant Head - Academics
Assistant Head - Academics

Goal 2

Student Development and Pastoral Care


To offer an environment in which students can grow to reach their full human potential socially, physically, and spiritually.

  • Construct the profile of a TASIS Portugal student in conjunction with the Academic Committee
  • Identify the most effective programs for developing the characteristics of a TASIS Portugal student
  • Define the means that enable TASIS Portugal to measure its success in inculcating these characteristics both during and after their TASIS Portugal tenure
  • Provide a variety of high-quality opportunities to promote students’ growth and development
Chairs William Brooks Jemal Rose

Goal 3

Campus Development


To design and build a physical plant that effectively supports the School’s programs and bespeaks TASIS’ classic conception of beauty and tradition.

  • Develop an action plan for adding a gym, auditorium, and performing arts center in building C as part of the Campus Master Plan
  • Develop an action plan for adding playing fields
  • Develop plans for interim solutions to facilitate needs that cannot be met in near term (i.e., 2-3 years)
  • Design a traffic flow plan that will effectively accommodate an enrollment of 1000-1200 students


Chair: Fernando Gonzalez

Fernando Gonzalez
Chairman, TASIS Portugal Board of Directors ; Member, TASIS Foundation Board of Directors

Goal 4

Financial Management


To ensure a break-even enterprise based on sound business practices and an ambitious, yet achievable, business plan.

  • Review and optimize the School´s operating budget to best serve the School’s needs
  • Establish targets for faculty salaries and benefits to provide the highest teacher compensation in Portugal
  • Determine the sources of income required to cover required capital investments
  • Educate the community about the School’s financial model


Chair: Manuel Mexia

Manuel Mexia
Assistant Head - Finance & Operations

Goal 5

Marketing and Admissions


To market the School in a manner consistent with TASIS ideals and to recruit the highest quality candidates.

  • Review and refine the admissions process
  • Conduct an annual competitor analysis
  • Optimize the marketing and communications portfolio
  • Maintain a student retention rate of 90% or more
  • Establish TASIS Portugal as a thought leader on education


Chair: Aimee Gruber

Aimee Gruber
Assistant Head - Enrollment Management & Marketing






Building Together Committees


Academic Excellence

Erica Herro
Alex Wilson
Gina Anderson
Zoe Zarrabi
Sarah Thomas
Ana Owen
Dean Owen

Allison Akhnoukh
Luisita Francis

Student Development

William Brooks
Jemal Rose

Filipa Falcão
Samantha Rizzuto
Joseph Hildula
Sam Mason
Courtney Paulus
Naomi France

Emma Alazard
Naffie Israni
Audrey Besson
Miguel Stanley

Campus Development

Fernando Gonzalez
Bruno Nobre
Candice Van Rooyen
Daniel Duarte
Andrea Balazs
Andrew Bow
Renan Leite

Tony Davis
Dom St George
P. Dominic Gualtieri

Financial Mgmt

Manuel Mexia
Vincenzo Campanale
Fernando Gonzalez

Juan Carlos Felix
Rita de Castro Neto

Knight center
Marketing & Admissions

Aimee Gruber
Joana Vaz Pinto
Rina Miyakawa
Ashley Roden
Cameron Skinner

Juca de Roos Schweitzer