Pastoral Team

Our support professionals work collaboratively with homeroom teachers to help students understand the school culture, routines, manners, and behavioral expectations. They may also provide counseling, support, leadership training, and conflict resolution. As part of our partnership with parents, we expect significant communication between the school and families such that both parties can best support the well-being of the students in the school.

School Counselor

TASIS Portugal employs a school counselor to assist students with personal, social, and emotional issues. The school counselor provides students with short-term, on-site support with a proactive and education-focused approach. Our school counselor works with students to help them manage stress, cope with adjustments, and discuss mental health needs. While the school counselor can address many immediate academic and counseling support needs, they serve mostly as a triage manager to provide urgent and emergent short-term support helping students to manage conflict, stress, and personal issues. If determined and agreeable to parents, the school counselor may recommend specialists in the community for situations that might require long-term counseling, medication management, or further assessment.

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