Academic Update 2022

Dear TASIS Portugal families:

A school´s curricular program is its strategic plan in action.
A school´s timetable is its budget in action.

A school is many things to many students, and a good school offers a variety of activities and programs to appeal to children's interests and passions. However, at its core, a good school must have a strong academic program; a great school must have the best teachers and the most research-informed curriculum.

At TASIS Portugal, we are not interested in the next educational shiny object or pedagogical fad. We hold steadfast to our belief about what makes an excellent academic program, and we also closely observe our students, refining our timetable as needed to maximize learning. We know from experience that teaching is both an art and a science that needs constant attention. To this end, we thank you for allowing our teachers the time to engage in their bi-weekly professional learning community.

For the coming school year, there are a few minor tweaks to the academic day as we strive for continual improvement. These are detailed in the updates you'll find on these pages.

Warm regards,

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