Summer Reading

Father and daughter reading together

Learning to Read (PK- Grade 1)

We hope you and your children enjoy a variety of reading experiences this summer, including looking through picture books, listening to and reading books aloud, and seeing your child read independently.

We have included recommended titles specifically with your child in mind. Please refer to the headmaster’s blog Tips on Reading Aloud and the academic leadership team blog Building Background Knowledge with Summer Activities and Reading for ideas to support these efforts.

Please keep a log of the books you and your child read together this summer to bring to your child’s teacher in the first week of school.

Young student reading

Reading to Learn
(Grades 2 - 5)

We expect that you will find titles in this list of recommended books that will inspire, inform or entertain you.

While there are no required readings at this age level, we encourage you to build the habit of reading 15-30 minutes a day. For some, this will mean that you read a few books; others might read more.

We look forward to discovering what you read through these guided reading comprehension questions for nonfiction and fiction that you can bring to your teacher during the first week of school.

Girl Reading in Library

Exploration and Analysis
(Grades 6 -8)

This reading list contains titles chosen carefully to encourage you to expand your reading experience and ready you for the coming school year.

Although the required number of titles for English classes is limited, we hope you read additional books from the Recommended Titles section.

Most titles are available from or online as e-texts, and most are available in English language bookstores in major cities.

During the first week of classes, your English teacher will give a series of writing assignments related to the required reading. In the weeks following, you will present, discuss, and/or write about one of the other books you chose to read over the summer.

You may find these guides to annotations for fiction and nonfiction helpful.

Choose the grouping that matches the grade your child will enter this fall.

Happy Reading!

English Reading List

Portuguese Reading List