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Middle School

The Curiosity to Question. The Courage to Lead.

Middle school is an amusement park of discovery. It is a time when young people can easily hold two diametrically opposed ideas and passionately defend both without the slightest sense of irony. As Dickens said (before middle school existed), it is the best and the worst of times.

Beyond the intense physical changes these young people are undergoing, they are also experiencing a time of both questioning and independent thinking; and sometimes, because it seems easier, forgetting about thinking and simply conforming. When young people push against the rules, our job is to gently push them back into their lanes — but not into the ditch.

To understand and treat young people like the adults they are aspiring to be is the best way to develop the meaningful relationships we all want with our children. We are not seeking to raise automatons, after all, but seekers of truth and beauty with a moral compass. These are exactly the kind of young people who grow up to change the world.

Get to know TASIS Portugal and the many ways we rely on the TASIS ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty to prepare our middle schoolers to go forth with the curiosity to question and the courage to lead.

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Adrian Brink, Director of Student Life

Adrian Brink

Director of Student Life


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Renowned Curriculum. Proven Success.

In middle school, students move from a homeroom environment to a more independent model with a homeroom advisor. They travel from classroom to classroom for each of their subjects, yet maintain a close connection with their homeroom advisor, who provides a daily touchpoint for each grade-level class. See a sample of the middle school schedule in the Curriculum tab below.

Middle school homeroom teachers are the main point of communication for parents. Our students will graduate with a curated college/university-preparatory academic experience that ensures they are well versed in American and international academic standards, allowing them to compete in any university setting.

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