Learning Support, EAL, Portuguese

Learning Support

TASIS Portugal believes in supporting students in all forms of learning – social, emotional, and academic – and admits students on the basis of prior success in these areas. Of course, all students mature at different rates and greater flexibility is exercised for younger students.

Where students have a noticeable or documented developmental delay, learning challenge, or deficit in preparation, a number of school supports are available. These include teacher-supported assistance in class, homework helpers, English as an Additional Language (EAL), and individual and small group assistance from our student support specialists. It is important that parents share with us any of their child's current or past academic and/or socioemotional challenges so we can tailor specific supports based on the individual.

In some cases, the support needed for a child may exceed the school´s ability to fully assist with their development. In such cases, additional support from home may be required (therapists and tutors, for example), and in rare cases in which the school and parents have exhausted the full scope of support, the school may determine that the child is not adequately placed with us, and may be asked to leave. The more information parents share during the admissions process, including medical and psychoeducational reports, the greater the child's chance of success.

Unfortunately, TASIS Portugal cannot serve the needs of all children and is not equipped to provide full support to students with significant behavioral or cognitive challenges.

English as an Additional Language

For students whose English-language skills range from beginner to intermediate, we offer English as an Additional Language classes and support. Highly qualified teachers work with students to help bring them to grade-level proficiency as quickly as possible so that they can participate fully and independently in their classrooms.

To improve student skills in academic and colloquial English, we combine reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and literature lessons with immersion in core content-area classes. (Note that research indicates that the average beginning-level student in an immersion program will learn social English in 3–5 years and academic English in 5–7 years.)

Portuguese Language Instruction

TASIS Portugal takes its commitment to the country and culture of Portugal very seriously. All TASIS Portugal students study Portuguese,  either as a first or second language. In middle school, students have the choice of a third language.