Homework Policy

TASIS Portugal believes homework should be meaningful and purposeful. Homework is about the quality of work being done, not the quantity of work assigned. Assignments vary in accordance with the needs of the grade/class and relate to the curriculum.

The Purpose of Homework

• To foster positive attitudes and habits
• To practice skills or processes that students can do independently but not fluently
• To encourage a love of reading, we encourage daily reading beyond assigned homework. This can be either reading aloud to children or children reading independently.

Homework Time Guidelines

In the Early Learning Center (ELC) through 3rd grade, homework is limited to daily reading and Math facts practice. Teachers may assign additional focused practice/extension individualized to student learning needs.


In Upper School, homework assignments reinforce and extend classroom learning. Daily guidelines are listed by grade level, knowing that students are all different and work at different paces. Written homework may not be assigned every night. If your child struggles to complete the assignments in the recommended amount of time, please contact the teacher who assigned the work. Homework will not be assigned over extended holidays and not necessarily on weekends. However, daily reading is expected to continue during all breaks. Teachers should return assignments to students with feedback within a week’s time. 


Homework Guidelines for Students

Where homework is assigned, students are responsible for understanding what it is and when it is due:

• Be sure to understand assignments clearly before leaving class
• Take home the correct materials to complete the assignment
• Always do your best work
• Hand in completed assignments on time
• Make a plan for long-term assignments with the assistance of teachers
• Complete any work missed due to absence; a timeframe should be agreed upon with the teacher
• Talk to your teacher if you are having difficulty with homework

Homework Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

• Be familiar with the philosophy and guidelines of the homework policy
• Provide a time and place to do homework assignments, with limited interruptions
• Check that your child understands the homework assignment
• Actively supervise homework completion, particularly monitoring internet use
• Oversee completion of long-term assignments to assist in helping students develop time management skills
• Contact the teacher with questions or concerns, especially if your child exceeds the allotted timeframe
• Parents/guardians should not complete homework for their child, and children should be encouraged to discuss issues directly with their teachers
• In 5th grade and up, homework and assessments can be monitored on Satchel One