Graduation Requirements

9th &10th grades: A minimum of 6 IGCSE examinations must be passed with a grade of C or above; they can be in any courses. A maximum of 12 IGCSE examinations are possible but not required. See a grade conversion chart here.

11th & 12th grades: To receive a diploma, students must receive a minimum of 24 points or an average of four out of a possible seven points for six subjects. Candidates must also receive a minimum of 12 points from their Higher Level subjects and a minimum of 9 points from their Standard Level subjects.

  • English: 4 years of English  
  • Mathematics: 3 years of mathematics
  • History: 2 - 4 years of history
  • Science: 3 years of laboratory science
  • Foreign Language: 4 years of language study or B1 proficiency as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference) in a foreign language other than English that is offered at TASIS Portugal.
  • Fine Arts: 2 years of visual or performing arts

2-4 years of elective courses

  • Service Learning and Leadership: 4 years of participation in TASIS Portugal service learning and/or leadership
  • Sports and Activities: Fulfillment of the Sports and Activities requirements
  • Public Speaking: 4 years of participation in TASIS Speaks

Please Note:

Students receive a course grade AND an IGCSE exam grade on final Year 10 report cards.

TASIS Portugal course grades will separately consider participation, classwork, homework, and in-class assessment.