Sample Timetable

9th and 10th Grade Sample Schedule, Week B

This reflects the choices of a sample student - see additional course options below the sample schedule. 

Sample Timetable 9th and 10th Week B

(Sample student choices in red)

Required IGCSE subjects:

  • English Language/English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • History

Options Block 1: (one choice)

  • Portuguese First Language IGCSE
  • Portuguese Second Language, Camões Júnior
  • Spanish Second Language IGCSE
  • French Second Language IGCSE

Options Blocks 2 and 3: (two choices)

  • Art & Design IGCSE
  • Music IGCSE
  • Drama IGCSE
  • Computer Science IGCSE
  • Geography IGCSE
  • Spanish Second Language IGCSE
  • French Second Language IGCSE

Elective Block: (one choice per year)

  • Spanish First Language IGCSE
  • French First Language IGCSE
  • Enterprise IGCSE
  • STEAM/Engineering/Design Lab TASIS
  • Learning Support TASIS
  • Fitness and Health TASIS
  • Classical Studies TASIS

Bespoke TASIS Portugal Requirements

  • Academic Research and Essay Writing (embedded in your English and history lessons)
  • TASIS Speaks (embedded in your English lessons)
  • TASIS Competitive Sports (After School Program)
  • Academic Enrichment (You will work within your chosen guilds, collaborating with peers who share a common interest while aiming to produce a product, performance, or service)
  • Homeroom Advisory and Social-Emotional Learning