High School


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TASIS Portugal was founded on the tenets of truth, goodness, and beauty. We teach respect and admiration for these ideals throughout a student's time with us, but nowhere is it more important than in our high school. High school is a launching pad to higher education, life, and service, and we want our graduates well prepared for all of it. This means they will be challenged. Much will be expected of them. And the rewards will be just as great. We are building global citizens of character who seek to make the world a better place for all. 

In this, they have a wonderful role model: our illustrious founder, M. Christ Fleming, who took risks, persevered, and always championed the triumph of education and high standards over chaos and confusion. As she remarked in a 1990 interview:

"Education is service and I believe we are put
on this earth to make some contribution,
to try to leave it a little better place than we found it."

High school is an exciting time when students have more options, but also more responsibility. Students focus on earning a diploma, attending college, pursuing a career, and other options after graduation. Academic grades and coursework, extracurricular activities, internships, and volunteer experience are very important. High school students need help prioritizing responsibilities and meeting expectations.

In 9th - 12th Grades, students have more flexibility in the types of classes they take. Students are still required to take and pass classes in core subjects, including English, math, history, and science, but they also have other course options. 

At TASIS Portugal, we are raising the leaders of tomorrow, today. We invite you and your child to explore a little more about our high school on these pages, arrange for a visit to get to know us and see the school and our plans for the facilities and learning spaces, and discover the TASIS Portugal difference for yourself.

Active Learning Spaces and Traditional Values

The high school will provide students with an environment that reflects both high school and collegiate experiences. Our facilities are designed to incorporate active learning spaces and collaboration. We believe in both a structured classroom environment and myriad opportunities for students and faculty to gather, converse, collaborate, and debate.

The classrooms are designed to be flexible enough to support a variety of teaching styles and desk/table configurations. The combinations of collaborative spaces and dynamic classrooms will give our 9th to 12th grade students new ways to pursue academic and creative excellence in a bright and beautiful environment where our whole community can gather, work, and socialize.