Fine and Performing Arts

"For me, a love of literature, the arts, and the performing arts is the heart and soul of education, for it grows throughout our entire lifetime, keeping alive the excitement of learning, creating constant enrichment in our leisure hours and throughout our long golden years.”   

TASIS Founder M. Crist Fleming, 1993

Fine Arts

We help students understand the elements of art: line, value/shading, form/space, color, and texture. Knowing and applying these skills builds confidence and allows children to find their creative spirit and abilities. We expose our young artists to the principles of design and art history, with extensive field trips to artist’s studios,galleries, and museums. We are also planning a visiting artist program from Portugal and beyond.

Elementary School Music

Students at TASIS Portugal are encouraged to explore music in a variety of different ways, including through singing, dancing, and playing instruments such as violin, xylophone, and ukulele. By developing their skills as young musicians, students will become tuneful, rhythmic individuals while establishing a foundation of musicianship that will support further musical study as they progress through the TASIS Portugal music program. Students will be challenged to perform a wide range of repertoire in regular concerts and school assemblies.  

TASIS Portugal music teachers use research-based best practice to develop the student musician, and implement ideas from the Kodály Method, the Orff Method, and Gordon Music Learning Theory, among others. We strive to integrate the songs and skills students learn in music class and relate them to other areas of study. We believe that all students are capable of being successful student musicians who can learn to appropriately express their creativity and emotion through music, movement, and sound.