Fine and Performing Arts

"For me, a love of literature, the arts, and the performing arts is the heart and soul of education, for it grows throughout our entire lifetime, keeping alive the excitement of learning, creating constant enrichment in our leisure hours and throughout our long golden years.”    TASIS Founder M. Crist Fleming, 1993

Music and Theater

Our performing arts program provides a range of opportunities for students to perform vocally, musically, dramatically, and in dance. By establishing a positive relationship with parents and the community, our program hopes to enrich not just students, but the community at large. We encourage a school culture of performing arts, inspiring students to explore their interests and provide a space for all to participate.

Fine Arts

We help students understand the elements of art: line, value/shading, form/space, color, and texture. Knowing and applying these skills builds confidence and allows children to find their creative spirit and abilities. We expose our young artists to the principles of design and art history, with extensive field trips to artist’s studios,galleries, and museums. We are also planning a visiting artist program from Portugal and beyond.