What Sets Us Apart


Music is a source of joy and pleasure.

There are many benefits associated with listening to music, and even more derived from creating it. Reduced stress, increased mental focus and memory, and even improved school achievement have been linked to playing a musical instrument, as demonstrated by research studies such as this one and this one. There are even physical benefits to playing violin, such as better posture, improved core strength, and dexterity. (It's also quite popular with college boards!)
The violin is often considered one of the most demanding instruments, due to the fretless fingerboard and bow. However, with early training and the right instruction, young children can become proficient quickly. At TASIS Portugal, all students in 1st through 4th grades learn to play the violin together, promoting teamwork and social development in addition to musical proficiency.


Chess, one of the world´s greatest games of skill and tactics, is also one of the oldest, and has been popular on the Iberian Peninsula for 1,000 years.

Chess is popular for good reason: it is a game of skill and strategy that engages the brain. For children, learning chess has been proven to raise the IQ, increase problem solving and spatial skills, develops brain functioning, and improves memory. Chess develops the skills of foresight and planning.

Chess exercises many parts of the brain simultaneously, as the rules and techniques are coupled with strategy and creative problem solving. Chess brings different types of people together and builds confidence, focus, and concentration. Most importantly, chess is fun, and anyone can learn to play. It is a key activity in our school community.


Coding is to today's youth what Latin was to academics of the last century.

Coding is a new language that's necessary for success in an increasingly automated and computerized world. Like learning any language, computer coding is easiest when started at a young age.

All TASIS Portugal, students begin to learn to code in our earliest grades, through academic courses and extracurricular activities. More advanced robotics, computer science, and app development courses are available to middle and upper school students.