Elementary School

Elementary School Academics: Timeless and Research Proven

TASIS Portugal believes this to be true: In order to teach our children how to be critical thinkers, we have to teach them to think about something!

To thrive in the 21st century, you cannot be a critical thinker without knowledge. This is why TASIS Portugal embraces a research-proven and content-rich approach to learning in the elementary grades (1st through 5th grades).

(See sample daily timetables/schedules for the elementary school below)

What does this look like in the classroom?

A content-rich approach, based on the Core Knowledge curriculum, means that we teach children to read using the classics—not comics. We have high expectations, which are reflected in the challenging content we provide. Because TASIS Portugal teachers have access to the content for their lessons, they are free to focus on teaching—providing appropriate support and guidance and ensuring their students are appropriately challenged and actively engaged.

The race to equip students with 21st century skills has often meant ignoring or eliminating basic knowledge, skills, and competencies such as phonics-based literacy, arithmetic, history, geography, and basic scientific facts taught in a coherent, coordinated, cumulative, grade-by-grade teaching-and-learning program. TASIS Portugal provides this indispensable basis for all subsequent academic progress, providing explicit content in each subject and at each grade level.

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A Content-Rich Curriculum