TASIS Portugal FAQs

Is the Cinema City Beloura closing?

No – Cinema City Beloura will remain open.

Will the SuperCor grocery store close?

No - The SuperCor will remain open (we love it too!).

What grades will you serve?

In our inaugural year (2020-21), we will open with Pre-Kindergarten (ages 3 &4) through grade 6 (equivalent to the British Year 7). Our middle school opens in September 2021.

What comprises your academic program?

We consider it vital for our students to have a strong foundational base education that prepares them for global higher education. Our highly successful curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge curriculum, with Singapore Math, Next Generation Science Standards, and the core TASIS difference, in which children become familiar with coding, chess, violin, and yoga.

What does tuition include?

We like to consider TASIS tuition “all inclusive.”  What that means is that at no extra cost, your child receives:

  • A fresh and healthy lunch and two snacks every day
  • Extracurricular activities (clubs & sports)
  • All textbooks & instructional materials
  • Violins (for required grades)
  • School field trips
  • Early drop-off (1 hour before school begins)
  • Late pick-up (supervision until 6 pm for children in grades 1 and above, after the conclusion of extracurricular activities)

Of course, additional things you elect to do, such as non-required trips, private music lessons, equestrian lessons, etc. come with extra fees. Visit our tuition page here.

What additional fees do you charge?

In addition to a nominal one-time application fee, we require payment of the Campus Enhancement Fee to secure your child’s spot (discounted at 50% for Founding Families).

For Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, families have a choice of remitting either the Campus Enhancement Fee or an Enrollment Deposit, which is applied towards the first year’s tuition. These fees are paid only once. Visit the tuition and fees page for more detail

Is there a building fee or capital levy?

Like most international schools in Portugal, we charge a fee of students enrolling in first grade and above. This fee is paid just once and is named the Campus Enhancement Fee, as it goes directly into the building and development of our campus. For Founding Families who enroll in 2020, our inaugural year, this fee is reduced by half for all children in the family enrolling now and in the future.

Families of Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten students may elect to pay this fee or the Enrollment Deposit, which is applied toward the cost of tuition. See our tuition and fees page for details. Payment of either of these fees is required in order to secure a spot once the student is admitted.

When is the first day of school?

School beings on Monday, September 7, 2020 for children in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 6.

Is your faculty local or international?

Both. Our school will truly be a global center of learning, bringing in highly qualified teachers from international schools around the world and, of course, from here in Portugal.

Will there be play areas?

Absolutely!  We believe that physical activity is just as essential as academics in growing healthy young minds and bodies. In our inaugural year, we will have two large outdoor play areas and one indoor play area. Look for 3-D campus renderings soon!

When will construction start?

Construction is already well underway and will be completed in phases. We will complete the Early Learning Center and Elementary School, and when it is finished, we will begin work on the middle school.

What is your student/teacher ratio?

TASIS Portugal classes have a maximum of 22 students. We consider that a critical number to ensure sufficient classroom diversity and to enable children to develop socially. Every PK-3rd grade class will have two full-time qualified teachers, and beginning in 4th grade, students will have a primary teacher and a set of specialty teachers who are subject matter experts.

Is TASIS brand new?

TASIS Portugal is a new school, but TASIS is not new. The American School in Switzerland, the original TASIS campus, was the very first American international school in Europe. TASIS has a rich history of tradition and since 1956 has been preparing students for success in global colleges and universities. As founder Mary Crist Fleming  said in a speech to students and parents in 1996, “Forty years ago I did dream of a school or schools that by bringing young people closely together in their young and formative tender years we might be able to “bond” the world together in such a way that ties of understanding, compassion, love, and a sense of reality would create a saner, safer, better world.”

Will parents have opportunities to be involved with the school?

At TASIS Portugal, we consider ourselves partners with parents in the raising and education of a child. TASIS parents are members of an active TASIS Parents Association (TPA) that meets regularly with the headmaster, organizes events and provides feedback. Our TPA will have its own dedicated office on campus and is expected to provide an active forum for discussion.

What is the TASIS Foundation?

The TASIS Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland that is entirely responsible for the financial wellbeing and support of the school. Its mission is to aid, assist, foster, and promote education by providing equipment, books, supplies, and funds for educational activities, faculty development, and facility improvements.

The TASIS Board established at the outset that, as a strategic objective, it would not allow any TASIS School to become dependent on fundraising to support operating budgets. While common in most American independent schools, using an “Annual Fund” to bridge the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses can create pressures that TASIS chooses to avoid.

Read more about the TASIS Foundation here.

Who is responsible for the governance of the school?

While the TASIS Foundation Board maintains oversight of all of the TASIS schools and programs, TASIS Portugal’s board is responsible for its own fiscal and operating policies and is responsible for creating a shared vision and strategic direction for the school’s future.

Fernando Gonzalez is the Chairman of the TASIS Portugal board and has been with TASIS since 1972. A graduate of Phillips Academy Andover, he holds a B.A. from Harvard University and studied architecture at the Harvard School of Design. He founded TASIS Dorado in Puerto Rico and serves as its president. He has been on the governing boards of all the TASIS schools.

TASIS Portugal Vice Chairman David V. Hicks received his A.B. from Princeton University and read for an M.A. at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. He served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and on the staff of the U.S. Naval War College and has been the headmaster of several prominent independent schools. His book on K-12 education, Norms & Nobility, won the American Library Association’s award as the outstanding book on education in 1981. He served as chief academic officer for the Meritas Family of Schools from 2006-15.

For more information on the governance of TASIS Portugal, visit this page.