Headmaster's Welcome

It is my great honor to welcome you to TASIS Portugal, the newest member of the TASIS family of schools. Joining three beautiful, renowned schools in Switzerland, England, and Puerto Rico, TASIS Portugal offers a rigorous academic program along with vibrant arts and athletics programming.

In 1956, Mrs. M. Crist Fleming, a courageous and extraordinary educator, founded the first TASIS campus in Switzerland. Its great success and her commitment to international education spawned a legacy that continues to grow today. Mrs. Fleming would be proud of TASIS Portugal.

My goal in educating young people is to help them develop the courage and the confidence they need to take the risks that result in doing great things. As is often noted, we are educating students today for jobs that don't yet exist and a future that is difficult to imagine. Given this, it is reassuring that the simple, yet profound, tenets of the TASIS educational philosophy are timeless.

A TASIS education is designed to prepare graduates to lead happy, productive, and virtuous lives. TASIS also believes that there are certain things that all educated people should know, skills students must acquire, and attitudes children will formulate in their time with us.

If these words resonate with you, and you want the best educational experience for your child, we welcome you to visit and discover what a TASIS Portugal education is all about.


Keith Chicquen
Headmaster, TASIS Portugal


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