The Challenging and Rewarding Task of Choosing Your Teachers

When our employment portal opened in late November last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect since we are a new school campus and still under construction. The response, frankly, overwhelmed me. Since that time, we received more than 300 teacher applications for the approximately 20 positions we are seeking to fill.

The outstanding global reputation of TASIS (happily, it’s been more than 60 years in the making!), our location in a particularly lovely area of beautiful, accessible, friendly Portugal, and our unique content-rich curriculum have made us a very popular choice for amazing teachers applying from around the world. This has made my job at once easy and difficult.

What’s difficult? I have interviewed many wonderful teachers since arriving here and breaking ground on our campus, including some excellent ones that we won’t have room for in our first year.  The magic has been finding people who complement one another's skills to create a team that is even stronger than the sum of its parts. 

Combining the experiences and strengths of each teacher to create a team that will be even stronger than its individual members takes time and sometimes, I feel, a sixth sense.  Be assured that the teachers to whom we have offered contracts are incredibly talented, highly educated, proven professionals.

M. Crist Fleming

This is where the easy part comes in. The founder of TASIS, Mrs. M. Crist Fleming, said in 1990 that her formula for creating a great school was to:

“Find a beautiful property, both house and surroundings…fill this setting with young people from all over the world, because the world has become so very small. Fill all their waking hours with commitment to study, sports, the arts, and responsibility to others. Instruct—stretch them in all areas. Place in this ‘house’ very special human beings as teachers, friends, counselors, and role models, people who have a sense of excitement about life and learning—of the huge challenge this world presents, and above all, great faith in their young charges. Sprinkle and cover the whole wonderful concoction, basting frequently with generous portions of TLC—tender, loving care. Believe me, it’s a foolproof recipe!”

Well, we have the beautiful setting, and soon we will have a beautiful “house.” We are already attracting young people from around the world. And I can assure you that we have found very special teachers, counselors, and role models to lead this school and the young people in it -- teachers who have all the faith and high expectations you want the adults in your children's lives to have.

And they will sprinkle their tender loving care generously to all the students in our beautiful new school.

Please visit the news stories introducing our team to learn more about these very special human beings who will partner with you to raise caring, curious, and confident global citizens at TASIS Portugal.


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