Accreditation & Memberships

TASIS Portugal is authorized by the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Education, through Direção Geral da Educação, and its programs are fully recognized both in Portugal and abroad. TASIS students who wish to transfer from or to the Portuguese National system will be granted equivalence as per the following DGE table:

TASIS Portugal Sistema Educativo Português                            
Early Learning Center 3–5 Years Old Educação Pré-Escolar
Elementary School 1st Grade 1.º Ano 1.º Ciclo Ensino Básico
2nd Grade 2.º Ano
3rd Grade 3.º Ano
4th Grade 4.º Ano
5th Grade 5.º Ano 2.º Ciclo
Middle School 6th Grade 6.º Ano
7th Grade 7.º Ano 3.º Ciclo
8th Grade 8.º Ano
High School 9th Grade 9.º Ano
10th Grade 10.º Ano Ensino Secundário
11th Grade 11.º Ano
12th Grade 12.º Ano


TASIS Portugal has secured official approval from the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB), obtaining the unique CEEB number 916614.

Understanding the CEEB Code: The College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) code is a distinctive identifier critical in the college application process. This code ensures accurate transmission of information, including scores, transcriptions, and applications, to colleges, universities, and scholarship programs, facilitating seamless communication for our students during the college application process. The CEEB code guarantees that their scores are appropriately sent to colleges and scholarship programs.

Through this official recognition, we affirm our commitment to providing our students with the best resources for their educational journeys.